My recent work, ‘Neither Flora nor Fauna’ unfolds my fascination with paper cutting and painting. I merged the two elements of intricate hand paper cutting with illustration-like acrylic painting on Hanji Korean rice paper.  Paper is truly intriguing as it is a living and breathing material.  I am always excited about the instant creation of light pockets interplaying with shadows every time I hand cut and layer paper.

 ‘Neither Flora nor Fauna’ developed from the combination of eastern and western influences.  Qualities in my work such as color, minimalistic compositions, and ideas have been influenced by the traditional Korean paintings as I grew up in South Korea. Often, these traditional paintings evoke the vitality of nature and principal elements in life.  These ideas connect to the central theme of my work, the coexistence and symbiotic relationships in nature. I create imagined landscapes with the endangered species from the crane to monkey.  Through these imagined landscapes, I endeavor a peaceful serenity.



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